while surfing the web i found the homepgae of my crush. okay, i admit. i typed her name into google and i was really surprised what came up.

i’m really impressed!

i’ve never met a girl with a real homepage, cool pics of her on that very page, who’s fiddling with her own car. maybe this is more than just a crush?
but there’s always the difficult part. or better four of them!

1> she’s got a boyfriend – AFAICT (as far as i can tell)
2> telling her… :‘-(
3> she’s a colleague.
4> i’m in a relationship right now.

now let’s think a second about that:

1> never mind. „always work the evidence“ as Grisson says.
2> that’s difficult. i’m extremely shy when it comes to loving people. i don’t like talking about my feelings.
3> and i’m not good at handling this.
4> for 6+ years. but for the last two years i kept asking myself if she’s the right one. most of the time she’s just grand. but then there are weekends…

never mind!

i’m trying to lose myself now. get drunk. this really helps me thinking such things.
i’ll keep you updated.

bye now.