I did it. Last saturday I finished my pilot license theory course. Now it’s time to get airborne and enjoy myself flying around.

Ironically, all I learnt during the course boils down to the basics of aerodynamics, engine operation, radio telephony and all the stuff about airspaces and procedures. All the technical stuff was pretty easy for me.
All this can be forgotten by the time you are flying – what one should never forget are the procedures and regulations. And that’s all you need for being a pilot: knowing where the edge is and not to step over it. That’s what all the checklists, procedures, briefings and de-briefings are for. Being prepared about the wheater, checking the aircraft before getting in, following procedures during taxi, departure, flight, descent and landing. Checking the airplane after you got off so the next pilot stays safe. It’s really only about safety and procedures.

Happy flight. Maybe you find yourself next to me in the cockpit. You’ll never know. Looking forward to this point in time. For now, I only hope the weather get’s better and I can go fly.