… at my latest post I got that overwhelming feeling that – somehow – I feel that I belong there. Maybe I just should… take a heart… and move over there.
Anyone to move along? Can’t be that difficult.

If I recount my current day I’d love to change everything:

After the last days where the performance of our new servers in Dublin went somewhere between here and Australia 🙂 and it peaked just yesterday when the servers weren’t hardly reachable at all. I opened up a ticket with our famous helpdesk – situated in Dublin.
Around 6 (!) hours later I received an e-mail from the Dublin Regional Data Centre telling me that they were unable to reproduce our problems. I mean how could they, they’re working with servers in the same building!
They escalated it to the GNOC (Global Network Operations Centre) (maybe somewhere in India?) this morning. But still there’s not a solution in sight. It’s just that we’re copying 10+ GB of data each day to these servers and the RTT (round trip time of a network frame) is about 4-5 times higher than usual (and that is alread quite slow).

If it’s getting worse tomorrow I’ll start printing the network frames and send them to the Dublin RDC by snail mail – that would be reasonably faster!
I wish I could just sit at the trá (beach) and relax. Or doing something useful. Never mind. I chose the IT business, now I’ve to live with it!