Yeah, I finally finished my last exam. Now I’m a certified „IT security expert for computer systems and networks“ – or short: ITSI 😉
Please send congrats and presents to mla AT apob DOT net.
Nothing really changed for me actually. I’m interested in computer and network security for about ten years now and I focused by business development in this direction since I started my career in 2000. And in the course I only learned a bit of new things. But the teachers were pretty impressing. Greetz to the tutors MN and MS and my fellow students US, DS and MW. I hope you did well too. All the best to you!

But, there’s a negative side too. I have slept only a couple of hours each night for the last weeks. I know what’s wrong, you may know too. Just a hint: Silbermond – Durch die Nacht (you will have noticed, I’m telling my innermost parts thru music)