On July 15 I attended Tannkosh 2006, located at Tannheim Aerodrome near Memmingen. I heard from several people that this was the greatest General Aviation get-together in Germany and everybody compared it to the famous Oshkosh.

I have to admit that I thought that everybody exxagerated.

I was wrong. it has been the greatest GA show I’ve ever seen, as there gathered almost 1300 aircrafts from all over Europe. I mean, not that these are people who attend such kind of shows for a living but these are real life pilots as I am going to be. They just attend for the fun part. Fly-in, camp, have fun. Fly a pattern or two. it’s for the mere fun of it.

That’s the spirit!

Just have a look at the pictures I took.

For the future I vowed that I will attend Tannkosch 200x myself as a pilot.