Well, I can’t believe it. Another year’s gone. Where has all the time gone?
While zapping thru all the TV stations I just realized that the Snooker Championship in Sheffield has already begun. Fortunately Eurosport does show it as a live videostream. You can wath it at the Eurosport Snooker Video Website.

This year I have seen many „new“ players who play reasonably well. Well, better than me anyways.

I’ve been watching Snooker for more than ten years now and it’s unbelievable how Snooker developed over time. When I started watching, Steve Davis was still a big player with not one feeling visible in his face. But I enjoy watching him now playing Trick Shots. He’s not playing many balls, but the more entertaining he is.

It’s a shame that Ken Doherty didn’t make it over the first round but still some great players are in the game. My money is on either Shaun Murphy or Matthew Stevens.