Zum Hauptinhalt springen

Vancouver, BC

So, I’ve been counting down the months and weeks. Now it’s merely a couple of days since I leave for Vancouver, BC. Canada. Still can hardly believe that I’ll be going to Canada on vacation. Twenty years back I have lived behind the iron curtain and we dreamt about visiting these „exotic“ places. Now we […]

Augsburg – Zugspitze – Augsburg

Zugspitze Originally uploaded by oscailte After a too long time I boarded the little plane once again and lifted myself upon the stars… aehaem… clouds. It was a smooth ride from Augsburg to the Zugspitze and back… Have a look at the GPS log I established recently at: https://mla.apob.net/gps/

Deploying .NET Security Policies via GPO

When you are developing .NET applications for your business you will need to deploy these to production at some point. Usually you will deploy the tool to a network fileserver and let the users run the application from there without local installation. Of course one can use click-once since .NET 2.0, but sometimes the company […]