In times like these I remember who I really am. No, really, I do need to remember myself who I am from time to time.

Here’s some of the points:

  • I like my whiskey straight. Or with a drop of water. I never do ice.
  • And I never drink Bourbon. That’s no whsikey at all. One of the things that the Americans failed to master.
  • I like music. May it be rock, pop, classic, punk, whatever. I like to play it loud. That’s what it’s meant for. End of story! Oh, I forgot – I like it being played live.
  • If I may be wrong with some point, just tell me. I won’t kill you if you try to convince me….
  • Maybe I would… Just kidding – never mind!
  • Be creative! I am.
  • Only a tiny fraction of people is able to see the world as I do. You can try, but be prepared to fail. I can only show you the door, you have to walk for yourself.
  • I don’t like pain. But I have accepted it as a major part of my life. That’s a major fact of the previous point. Maybe now you understand.
  • If you don’t understand something – ask! I am always willing to answer or teach. But the question always comes before the answer.
  • For the last ten years I’ve only been afraid once… and it scared the shit out of me. You have to ask for yourself.
  • You can’t see the world thru a mirror – see for yourself! Open your eyes. Reach out. There are no boundaries. They only exist in your head!

Why should I care? If you don’t care, then I don’t care. But we’re not going anywhere.