Today I bought myself a film scanner plus a monitor calibration spider. So far so good. After having traveled 120km (!) around the city – isn’t it fun that traveling from the north of Munich to the south and back is exactly half of the way to my parents. But home is half a world away. Anyways…
After having calibrated my monitor and installing the drivers for the scanner, I plugged it in and Windows told me: „New hardware has been installed and is now ready for use“. So I inserted the IT-8 color calibration slide and fired up Photoshop. I selected the scanner and all I got was „Initializing scanner“ and after a while „communication with the scanner failed, please make sure …. blah blah blah“.

All I thought was „FCUK!“ and in huge letters. I got my notebook, installed everything and the same here. This now meas I have to travel all the way around the city to swap the scanner for a working one.

I wish I would have tested it in the shop – I am always the lucky one picking the „not working properly“ gear.

I hate this bloody work.

Murphy – you won this time! But the odds are even now.