Nil faic nach geifea
Ni mor leat an t-eagla
Ag siuil I dtreo na gaoith‘ I mease tonnta na bhfocal
Le imeacht ama stadann an chine
Creid i d’aisling is beidh leat in aineoinn imeacht ama
Le titim na hoiche gaelann na scamaill le solas na gealal
Lonradh na realt ag mealladh na huain
I dtreo luascadh de shior na mara
There is nothing that cannot be seen
There is nothing to be afraid of
Walking toward the winds among the waves of words
With the passage of time the people stop
Believe in your dream and you will succeed despite the passing of time
With the fall of night the clouds brighten with the light of the moon
The brightness of the stars attract opportunity
To the wind rise and fall the eternal seas