So I passed my exam on June 26th and got my private pilot license on July 5th. Last friday and saturday I did my last exam flight with my flight instructor and am now officially entitled to take passengers onboard. Well, one passenger as there’s only one passenger seat.
If you’d like a lift or need a very special present and are in the vincinity of Munich/Landshut, just drop me a note and you’re welcome anboard. There’s so many things to see around here. It’s just about 90 minutes into the Alps (Zell am See) or to Lake Constance (Bodensee).

The exam flight was from Landshut down to Leutkirch – thru the new controlzone of the Memmingen/Allgäu airport – and continuing to Lindau at the Lake Constance. It was a nice flight with a bumpy headwind though. On the way back the wind turned to a headwind again and slowed us down to only 135 km/h groundspeed so the journey took a bit longer than expected. But we touched down in Landshut just before sunset.

Sorry, no photos as I was busy flying the aircraft 😉