What is it about airports and travelling? „Why is it always me who gets delayed, who’s stranded at an airport, who’s baggage is missing?“ one might ask.
Well, I got stranded today, but let’s start from the beginning.
I got the opportunity to travel over to Microsoft Headquarter in Redmond, WA, USA and was sure enough to take this opportunity, as we vendors don’t get this opportunity too often. This would include a very stressful travel over 7000 miles and 9 timezones to and from Seattle within a couple of days.
So I got up this morning at 3:45, took a shower and had breakfast. I ordered (and got a confirmation) a taxi to pick me up at 5 a.m. to take me to the airport. Guess who didn’t show up! Right. So I rushed myself to the next train to the airport and while sitting in the train I said to myself: „This day is fucked up already and there’s more shit coming. I know it.“
I checked in and boarded the plane just in time. Just to sit there, waiting for another hour because of an engine problem.
Once I got over to Amsterdam, I got myself an extra large coffee as I would have to wait for about three and a half hours until the flight would be leaving and another 12 or 13 hours onboard the plane. I patiently waited until the flight was called and went to the gate just to find a huge queue. What you’re gonna do? Right. Wait. Once I got into the security area and passed the US immigrations questions our flight moved gates. This was strange and out of procedure. Even the Flight Attendants didn’t know what to do and moved all people who had already been screened to the new gate. There the flight was moved back to the old gate. Same game again.
After all the people had been screen the gate was closed and there we sat, waiting. Nothing happened and the time passed where the flight should leave. Still nothing.
Then a voice came on the speakers, trembeling: „Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m sorry to announce that your flight to Seattle has been delayed… to 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. Please move out of the gate and go to the KLM arrival service desk in the arrival hall.“ All I was thinking was „Shit. One day less, but who’ll be paying for this?“
After waiting another 90 minutes to get my hotel voucher (at least), wandering around to find the shuttle bus I got checked into the Holiday Inn in Amsterdam. This is a very nice hotel with excellent service, I’ll have to admit. But that doesn’t give me my day back. Now I’m sitting here, rescheduling my meetings, hotel, rental car and all that stuff that you’re depending on when you’re travelling.
One day less. Thank you very much, Time Thieves!