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oh my god

It’s only three days left until I can move into my new flat. It’s got it all: bigger, brighter, faster — aehmm — I mean… never mind. As it comes to cabling the new flat it seems that this is getting more difficult than expected. Or does anyone of you know of a CAT5+ (or […]


Nil faic nach geifea Ni mor leat an t-eagla Ag siuil I dtreo na gaoith‘ I mease tonnta na bhfocal Le imeacht ama stadann an chine Creid i d’aisling is beidh leat in aineoinn imeacht ama Le titim na hoiche gaelann na scamaill le solas na gealal Lonradh na realt ag mealladh na huain I […]

fcuking hardware

Today I bought myself a film scanner plus a monitor calibration spider. So far so good. After having traveled 120km (!) around the city – isn’t it fun that traveling from the north of Munich to the south and back is exactly half of the way to my parents. But home is half a world […]